I Really Dislike Mondays

Mondays have never been an issue to me, until recently that is. I like spending my weekends staying up late, and being completely worn out by Sunday night. That was all well and good in my twenties... but in my forties.. not so much. It takes a little longer to recover from the excitement these days.

Finding Your Higher Power

A few months ago, I spoke with a friend, about the structure of a recovery program called Overeaters Anonymous. My problem with programs such as this, are that they utilize a "twelve step" model, that includes finding your power. Here is a direct link to the Twelve Steps of OA. My problem with any program that builds it's foundation on a belief in the supernatural, has been a turn off for many years now. I am not comfortable accepting this type of guideline and I reject the idea of any god completely.
I am an atheist.

Decluttering in Progress

Office Bookshelves

Wow! How does this happen? My best guess is that I procrastinate too much, and put things off for way too long. I've had several online friends blogging about doing their "Spring Cleaning", and getting rid of paper after scanning and archiving it, sorting and just plain old reducing the amount of "stuff" that they have. I started to take a look around, and realized that I was rapidly on my way to becoming a hoarder! I started taking a look around my office, with stacks of paper from the things of interest that I just never got around to dealing with.

Canine Seizures

I wish there were a way to prevent them. After feeding the dogs their dinner, they were following me outside for a potty break. I wondered what was taking Darwin so long. I walked back into the house, and there he was. Darwin suffered another seizure. This time I had a bit of difficulty getting to him as he was thrashing around, on the tile floor, under the pool table. They always make me incredibly upset and sad. I wish I could eliminate whatever the trigger is that causes them.

Gardening is Theraputic

Today, I spent several hours outside, getting my planting bed ready for the sunflowers, and researching the cost to add Llama poo to my container vegetable garden. I found a local Llama farm, Oak Rest Llamas that sells Llama beans for five dollars per one pound bag. The price may seem a bit steep, but hey! From what I've read online, there is an amazing difference when you fertilize with Llama poo! If you have first hand experience with Llama bean fertilizer, please let me know!

Not Geeky Enough

It's been a frustrating last two days. I've been working on trying to find a Drupal Theme to allow me to design and style my blog as I see fit. So far, all I've seemed to do is get error message after error message with any of the themes that I've tried, except for Bartik, which doesn't give me a whole lot of options. Dave is busy, and even if I offer to pay him for his time and effort so that I make a good go, the money I pay him with comes out of our joint account. So, I won't hold my breath expecting him to resolve my many issues.

Island Tiffiney's View 2.0

My blog has been down for over a month now. We moved all of our blogs to the cloud, and got rid of Media Temple Hosting. What a difference in price! The downside is that my blog was very outdated, and was still using Drupal 5.X. As Dave moved my old personal blog, and I took a look at what I had, I decided that there was very little on it worth keeping. So, Here is my work in progress, started on Drupal 7.